7 Day Social Media Plan

This post is to help you come up with a 7 day plan of what to post on social media that you can use as a guide, that is right for YOUR business, and that will benefit YOUR audience.

As a business owner and a social media manager I find it extremely helpful to have a plan or your ‘7 days of social media sharing’.

We all know how social media can be an absolute time suck, so having a plan gives you:

Clear direction ensuring you are not wasting your efforts and time on social media.
More time. Yes it takes time to find shareable content, but when you know the exact type of content you want to share, you can find multiple articles on the same subject that you can share throughout the month. This is also known as batching.

What works for me

First, my WHY.

I help women entrepreneurs who don’t have time to build an engaged social media presence by coaching them, helping them with strategy,  or doing their social media management for them..

My audience wants information about using social media for their businesses. They also enjoy being inspired.

I provide both of these elements when I plan my 7 days of social sharing.

Each social media network that you use may need a separate plan, depending on the type of business you have and where your audience is hanging out.

To keep things simple, I have outlined my Facebook plan.

Social Media Plan for Confidently Social

Some key points in my plan:

  • I use branded images for the Motivation Monday quote and Tip of the Week.
  • I share content from industry leaders to provide expert advice to my audience.
  • I feature other inspiring women entrepreneurs who have a great social media presence.
  • I share some personal, behind the scenes insights into my business and life.

How to come up with your plan

1. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • Why are they following you? What do you provide that they need? What do they want from you?
  • Who are the leaders in your industry that will provide expert advice to your audience?
  • What personal details do you feel comfortable sharing with your audience?
  • How are the experts in your industry doing it? Check out their social media networks and take inspiration from them.

2. Come up with a number of post themes that corresponds to the number of times you want to post. If you decide to post 5 days per week, then come up with at least 5 themes, if you want to post every day, then you’ll need 7 themes.

3. Decide which day of the week you want to share each theme. If you are just starting out, take inspiration from what your industry leaders on specific networks. Do they have Motivation Monday, Throwback Thursday, Q&A Tuesday? After you’ve stuck to your plan for a month, check your insights and see which posts are getting the most interaction and tweak your plan accordingly.

4. Create your plan!

7 Day Social Media Plan Blog Image

Having a plan like this is great for 3 primary reasons:

  • Consistency. Consistency is essential when it comes to your message. Your audience will expect the same type of information from you, at the same time every week. You can still be flexible and try new tactics, but don’t confuse your audience with an inconsistent approach. Keep it consistent and you will continue to build a strong audience.
  • Simplicity. Keep it simple. Posting information ‘off the cuff’’ makes it difficult for you to manage and it will be difficult to build an audience, which can result in lack of sales of your product or service. Once you have your plan sorted, it will be easier to maintain, and who doesn’t like easy?
  • There will be times when things will happen and especially if you’re a solopreneur, you will not have time to schedule everything in advance. Don’t despair. Having a plan, means you can pick up again and know exactly what you’re supposed to post that day and for the rest of the week.

To help you work through this process, I’ve created a fillable calendar that you can download. Click Here to Download your Fillable Social Media Plan.

So what plan have you come up with? What obstacles do you face when coming up with your plan? I’d love you to share these in the comments below, and feel free to ask any questions. I’d love to help you create your plan.

7 Day Social Media Plan Infographic