Being a solopreneur is great! I love it. There are times though, when it just all gets a bit much. You know those days when you realise you’ve spent all morning on Facebook “networking”, just so you don’t have to actually create that editorial calendar and do some real work on your business. Anyone? No… I don’t either… (awkward pause). We all know that social media can be a powerful marketing tool, but it’s one of those things that we are loathe to let go of and hand over to an expert. So I’m here to help you out and give you clear signs; 5 of them in fact so you have no doubt that you need to hire a Social Media Manager.

5 signs you need a social media manager

1. Every night while “networking” on your social media of choice, you realise you haven’t posted an update to your business page.

So you madly scroll through your feed look for something amazing to share. We’ve all done that. While it’s great to share content from people you follow and admire, they may even be the leaders in your industry, but posting “just to post something” is a sure sign that you don’t have the time to dedicate to a regular social media schedule.

A social media manager can research and find meaningful content, create a content schedule, and schedule all of the posts for you. This saves you that last minute scramble to find something for your fans. Think of all time you can spend networking on Facebook working on your amazing business.

2. You are still sharing cat videos and think it’s great

Stop. Now! Yes, they are funny, and yes, there is a time and place for sharing them. But is your business page that place? Wait… I’m guilty. I did it recently on Instagram, but it wasn’t a video and it was my cat “helping” me with my Google Analytics (excuses, excuses). Okay, so sometimes it can work, but is it really going to resonate with your target audience? Are you going to get the engagement that you want? Are you providing meaningful content to your audience?

A social media manager will be able to help you find where your target audience are hanging out, and will research the content you need to connect with them so they keep coming back to your page and engage with you. Keep the cat videos to your personal page.

3. You only use # to abbreviate a numerical unit

I’m sure this is an exaggeration. Most of us know by now what a hashtag is. In case you don’t Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake explain it perfectly here. But how do you know what hashtag to use? Do you use it on every social media network? How many do you need? Social media is constantly changing, and updates are constantly being rolled out, and don’t even get me started on Facebook algorithms (no, an algorithm is not some rare african drum beat). Are you in a position to devote time and effort required to keep up with all of the changes on all of the social media that you are on?

A social media manager’s job is to do just that, to keep up with the current trends and changes. That does not mean that they will implement every new change in your social media strategy. Not all updates and trends will apply to your business, but a social media manager will analyse the changes to see if it affects your business, then explain these to you,and tweak your social media strategy where required. No stress!

4. You are a (Insert your expertise here), not a social media expert

If you have some nous about you, are a little tech savvy and have your own personal social media accounts, it’s relatively easy to get started on social media for your business. But is that your profession? Are you an expert in this field? To be successful on social media, it helps to have an expert on your team. It is true that your audience want to hear from you, and even see some personal aspects of you running your business. But how do you get your message out to that audience. Where are they hanging out? How do you find them on social media? And how do you get them to do business with you?

A social media manager will know exactly where to find your audience, will know how to connect with them on your behalf, and then get them into your sales funnel. They will employ all of their expertise to help you find the right customers, so you can provide those customers with your expertise.

5. People are talking about you but you don’t know about it

Okay, so this one was a little difficult to put in a lighhearted way. So I’m finishing off this post with a little tough love. Do you know what people are saying about you and your business online? If you’re a newbie, then this one will not really apply. But if you’ve been around a bit,  you know that you may get mentioned in comments or news articles, and most reputable agencies will contact you to let you know. But there are times when your comments in blogs, articles etc are just copied, and may even be taken out of context. It’s always a good idea in business to see what people are saying about you. Do you have time to respond to the comments on your social media networks, let alone scour the entire internet to see what people are saying about you?

A social media manager will not only act a customer service agent by responding to comments and questions on social media, they can also help you with crisis management. Think QANTAS during the ash cloud, Nanna’s contaminated frozen berries, etc. Okay these are huge, and yours will not be on this scale, but you get the idea. A social media manager will be able to respond to any negative comments on your behalf, freeing you up to concentrate on your business.

Social media is now an integral part of business. Get an expert on your team who understands your business, who is able to craft content that appeals to your audience, that gets seen and shared. They will then direct your audience to your website where you can wow them with your expertise.

What sign did you identify with?

We’re all guilty of at least one of them. I would love to hear it in the comments below. Or are you still holding back? What’s holding you back from hiring a social media manager? Let me know!