5 Factors to consider when marketing on Facebook

5 Factors to consider when marketing on Facebook

Facebook. The name conjures up images in our mind of… well… images. Pictures. Photos. Videos. Videos that don’t work because the link is broken. Friends, family and… um…‘friends’. You know, the friend that posts pics of BBQ’s that we weren’t invited too? Actually, that was Mum and Dad whose Facebook friend list is outgrowing mine! Yep, they love it. As we all do to keep and touch and to just ‘see what’s happening’.

Many are using Facebook to ‘see what’s happening’ in the business world as Facebook is increasingly being used as an effective marketing tool particularly for businesses, big or small.  Do you have a business and are unsure of effective strategies when using Facebook? Well let’s show you 5 factors to consider when marketing on Facebook 2015.

1. Page Creation

Obvious one. But an important one. Not just in the actual page, but what’s displayed on it? What content will your page contain? What important information needs to go on it? What’s not important that we can leave off? Should we put a picture of Mum’s knitted hat for the pet dog that doesn’t really need it? No. Never. I love you Mum but….

2. Find me!

We need our target market to find and discover our page. No matter how great our new page is, if nobody finds it, nobody will read our content! Obvious I know. A little like that knitted hat for the dog…

So, effective strategies that attract our target group is your goal.

3. Connect Four…

Remember the game? To connect four disks. Each in a correct spot. Facebook is no different.

We all know what Facebook can do to that helps us stay connected with our friends.  But who are we connecting with from a business point of view? Connection only works if we have something to connect with.

It’s important to be specific. Their age?  Where do they live?  What will your business do to help them? Who IS it that you’re targeting?  Connect with this in mind, and the pieces fall into place in the right order. Connect and grow.

4. Reach out!

Just like with our friends, Facebook allows you to reach many people – your customers- very quickly. But what are their interests? Content that will appeal to them, their needs, what they want is how you can reach out to your target customer’s and attract new ones.

5. I spy..

Well, no, not spying in the “creepy stalker” kind of way. But just like watching people buying refreshing cold lemonade off the neighbours kids in summer while our hot chocolate goes unnoticed, we also can see what our target group are interested in. Look for trends, adapt to them to keep the content attractive to your target demographic.

There’s been much debate whether Facebook is still an effective tool for marketing, and the debate will rage for the rest of the year and possibly longer. But in my opinion it is still one of the best ways of marketing socially, you just need to know how to do it and roll with the changes. Use it as part of your broader marketing efforts and you can’t go wrong.